Quick and easy home-made rusks

Quick and easy home-made rusks

A holiday in Southern Africa wouldn’t be complete without rusks!

This easy rusk recipe goes well with with a delicious cup of coffee or the perfect cup of tea.  It’s the ideal mid morning or late afternoon snack.

What a great local treat to make for your friends and share your love of South Africa with them through food.

Here’s how to make South African rusks or as the Afrikaans speaking like to say: “Beskuit” recipe.

Rusk Ingredients:

• 1kg Self-rising Flour
• 250g Butter
• 200ml Sugar
• 320ml Buttermilk
• 10ml Baking Powder
• 2 Eggs
• 5ml Salt
• 25ml Oil.


Mix the dry ingredients together then start rubbing in the butter. Afterwards add your eggs and oil, now mix well. Once you are happy with your dough, make a hole in the centre and add the buttermilk. Knead your dough well and roll them into balls in the size of your choice. Start packing them tightly into a baking dish by pressing the dough evenly into a baking sheet.

Let it bake in 180C / 350F for about 45minutes and you’re good to go!

You can make use of any of the cutting methods for rusks. If you rolled them into balls before baking you can break those up instead of cutting them. Remember to Dry out in a low oven after cutting.

Now you get to enjoy your homemade rusks whenever you want without breaking your pockets every month. This recipe is affordable, easy and delicious; there is no reason for you not to try it!

Special Tips:

1. Be very careful with the amount of baking powder.

2. The recipe should be seen as complete but not an ultimate blueprint. You can add things like muesli, bran, raisins etc. They’re your rusks, you can do as you please

3. It makes like a whole lot easier if you prepare everything before attempting this easy rusk recipe.


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