Greater Kruger Safari

Greater Kruger Safari

On our first day out we had some amazing sightings and these few images are just ones that caught my eye. The weather was a bit grizzly and so this certainly limited movement of a lot of the birds and other wildlife.
However, there was a female rhino and her young calf feeding on the edge of a termite mound. the calf was playful and gamboled about on his 3-toed feet, bumping into his huge mother in his enthusiasm for life! She tolerated his impish good humour stoically enough, blowing great snorts of hot air onto the ground.

We found a herd of impala too, several in fact, and their black-tipped ears, dark noses and nose stripes made a great picture.

A woodland kingfisher calling loudly, to herald a rain storm was a moment that I had to capture as well. My guests were delighted with the blues this wonderful bird showed us. I know for many ex-rangers, this strident chattering call will always recall the onset of rainy days and burgeoning greenery!

The little faces of the Dwarf mongoose troop were cute. The whole troop had retired early into the termite mound, possibly as a response to bad weather conditions, and their deep auban colouring blended well with red soil of the mound.

More tomorrow!