Camp of The Month: Sarara, Kenya

Camp of The Month: Sarara, Kenya



Sarara is a community-based camp, owned by the Nyamunyak Community Trust, way up in northern Kenya, in the Mathews mountain range of Samburuland.

The camp is located at the foot of a granite hill, with all the ‘tents’ facing north towards the horizon over endless Acacia treetops and rounded granite hills.

Each tent is en suite, with spacious and hand-crafted interiors and outside showers as an option.








The public area is centrally located, overlooking the waterhole at the base of the slope, below the infinity pool built into the rock face with stupendous views over the woodlands. The dining room is friendly and enclosed by a low rock wall, beyond which the birds are fed at meal times to keep the hornbills, sparrows and weavers off the lunch table!

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The walks are accompanied by local Samburu guides whose knowledge of the area is born of a lifetime in the region. Activities are always exciting with elephant bulls, Reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, dikdik, and impala to name a few being seen here.

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The main attraction apart from the camp and walking in the hills is watching the tribesmen water their livestock from wells they dig in the dry river bed.  These are known as the ‘Singing Wells’.