Botswana - WOW

Botswana – WOW

Botswana was great!
Lots of great wildlife viewing. I can only think of two animals we didn’t see (Rhinos and Cheetahs – neither of which we expected to see in these camps). The highlight had to be watching the lions pursue Cape Buffalo in Duba. We then got to see other lions in Kings Pool dragging a recently killed Cape Buffalo under some trees. We also had a funny encounter with a hippo (thank God it was funny and not frightening). Lots of great birds.
The three camps worked out well, so did the sequencing. Toss-up between Duba and Kings Pool as to which one we liked best (for different reasons).
I summed it up by saying we came to Botswana for the animals and the scenery, but we fell in love with the people! The staff and the guides in all three camps were terrific.

Thanks for your help and encouragement to visit Botswana. I’m already working on our next trip.